We provide teaching in lectures, courses and seminars in the fields of Computational Neuroscience and Neurobiology/Animal Physiology for the Faculty of Biology, University of Freiburg.

Winter Semester

  • Lab Course:
    Consolidation Module Neurobiology (Vertiefungsmodul Neurobiologie)

    This week-long course allows undergraduate students to participate in an ongoing project at our lab. Two groups of 4-6 students have the opportunity to record EEG signals and process the data using common methods such as event-related averaging, time-frequency analysis and multiple-class decoding. The basic knowledge underlying these methods is conveyed to the groups in daily lectures. The course curriculum changes every year, and results are not known beforehand. The students must submit a detailed report to be graded upon completion of the course.
    Time: mid-February
    Location: Engelbergerstr. 21 & EEG lab at Engesserstr. 4
    Registration: following the November introductory lecture

Summer Semester

  • Lecture:
    Introduction to Neurobiology II: Systems Neurophysiology

    This lecture gives an introduction into the peripheral, subcortical and cortical parts of the sensory and motor systems. Focuses are on the visual, somatosensory and auditory system, the hippocampus, and different parts of the motor system. Furthermore, it includes the topography of system’s functions in the cortex and imaging techniques that reveal it.

    Time: every Wednesday, 09:15-11:00h
    Location: SR 1048, Biology I
    Course website

  • Seminar:

    Neuro- and Behavioral Physiology
    The seminar will be held in German.
    Time: to be announced
    Registration: via Campus Online
    University course catalog


Past semesters

  • Neurobiology and Animal Physiology
    Lecture in every summer semester
  • Methods of Analysis and Measurement in Neurobiology
    Course in every summer semester 
  • Lab Course (Großpraktikum)
  • This graduate-level course provided the opportunity to realize a short supervised project associated to an ongoing research project of our laboratory. It lasted 6 to 8 weeks in which the student was introduced to the topics and methods currently relevant to our laboratory.


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